Ok. So I am sure you have seen that our blog has been somewhat on a hiatus. But I would say that it has not! I say that we never truly understood what a blog was or how to administer one. Does anytone else have a business that has had this rude awakening? Where you think that you are doing everything right only to find out you were really even in the same ballpark? It is what makes have our own business really interesting for me, but I digress!

So, in the midst of trying to get everything we need done for bottling, this summer’s event (super exciting this year!!! Lots planned!!), not to mention all of the festivals we will be going to, I have been trying to understand and reformulate our blog. I realized we do not have a blog we have a newsletter update and that is what we want to change!! I guess I am going to elaborate on what my vision is to change but would love to know yours!! So I guess what I am saying is I will show you mine, if you show me yours!!

What I would like to do is…..
Instead of just one of us here at the winery writing, it with be a combination of us each writing in our area of expertise or on something we just have to get off our chests! Also, instead of just giving tidbits of what is happening at the winery we will also be giving information and asking questions. I would like to make the blogs more inviting, engaging and informative. If you have any topics please let me know!!! Or if you want to hear from anyone specific let me know that too!! I can’t wait for Richard our Vineyard Manager to start writing! He will have to try hard to keep up with the creativity of our Tasting Room Manager, Jennifer Hoffman.

I look forward to my first “real” blog where I say something more than we are under construction but everyone has to start somewhere!! If you notice the meet our bloggers page, you will see everyone that will be posting blogs to our page!

Help! I am under construction!!!

Help! I am under construction!!!