Lazy Day Rose Supports Local Breasts!

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Yes, you read that right!  Layton’s Chance Vineyard & Winery has partnered with the local chapter of Women Supporting Women! We are so proud to enter into this partnership and help send some much needed funds to this great organization that helps women, men, and their families during the difficult battle with breast cancer. For every bottle of Lazy Day Rose sold, we will donate $1 directly to Women Supporting Women!  This donation extends to wine sold in our retail partner stores as well as at the winery.  The donation will not be reduced by the wholesale price that is passed on to our retail clients. It will be a full $1 per bottle regardless of where it is purchased!  This is something that you can advertise to your customers as well. Let them know that the purchase of this wine supports local breasts! Look for the sticker on bottles when they come into your stores and restaurants announcing the Drink Pink! campaign.  
We are working on some new signage for this campaign as well, so if you have any suggestions or requests please let us know! As always please let us know if we can help you in any way! Order your Lazy Day Rose today to get it on the shelf and money in the hands of Women Supporting Women!


Tooting our own Horn!

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If you read our newsletter this month, you know that this is the time of year for education at the winery. I have attended multiple classes and seminars over the last few weeks to help get us all re-motivated for an exceptional Spring/Summer season here at Layton’s Chance. My latest class was just yesterday dealing with Microsoft Excel…I left feeling quite beat up and tear stains on my shirt! Shew!
Just last week Jen Layton, Pam, and I attended a class entitled Exceptional Customer Service. We were pumped to get some great tips and techniques to make sure that our customers know how special they are to us(that’s you, you know!). Well, the class fell very flat on it’s claim of “exceptional”. It was geared solely for companies that have problems with their customers….and that ain’t us!  We wanted to make sure we had all of the resources to “go the extra mile” for our guests and it was telling us how NOT to make customers mad!  We left left initially feeling very defeated that we had wasted a whole day at this class..but as we began chatting that defeat turned around to some uber confidence on our part.  We started comparing things from the class to real life situations at the winery and realized that we do a really good job, in our minds anyway.  I started trying to find that one thing that we do differently than other types of business and I realized that the answer is simple….we genuinely like our customers! Every last one of them! I don’t get the opportunity to work at the Tasting Bar every day, but am there for weekends and large events, and there has not been a single time where I haven’t had a great time myself. I love being at the winery and striking up a conversation with someone I have never met. Everyone of us thoroughly enjoys being with our customers. We have built really great and lasting friendships with our guests, I have a few of you on speed dial now! But this was never built into our business plan….it just happened because we all really love having a good time with you. Every time I am at the bar, there is something that happens that leaves a memory for me and a story to talk about for a long time to come.  Just remembering the “After Party” from Ladies Night:Hollywood & Wine with Lee Everett & Jen Gomez, Happy Hours with Peggy & Gene, Betsy & Kirk, Lisa & Bob, Carmen & Junior, Renee’s wonderful rendition of Rapper’s Delight, the “Girls of the Grape Stomp”, from the Harvest Festival….there are so many memories that come out of every day at the winery.  So, while I was strolling down memory lane and coming up with great experiences I thought that you might like to as well.  So, tell me….how do you think we do? But more importantly, what initially comes to mind when you hear the words Layton’s Chance?  Is there that funny story or memory that you just can’t help but laugh with? Tell us….I’d love to compare stories!