I recently saw a recipe from our good friend, Denise Williams, as Williams Market in Salisbury(not so shameless plug for that great little shop!) and was inspired to do a little food and wine pairing post here at Wine Tastic Wit & Wisdom. The wit goes without saying, but the wisdom sometimes…well, we’ll see! Check out her recipe for grilled corn below. It seems so simple, but the flavors are amazing! During my drinking, I mean research for this post, I ran into a problem.   I ended up with more than one wine that works well with any dish. Now for me this isn’t too much of a problem, because as you know Vidal Blanc is my “go to” wine and I love the affirmation that it not only goes well with fish, seafood, chicken, but also grilled corn, but so many people look at the tasting room for some direction on what to serve.  So, here goes nothin’! The grilled corn recipe featured in the article from the Metropolitan Magazine below uses garlic, as well as some optional herbs(cilantro, oregano, and parsley) so my immediate thought was Lazy Day Rose. Now this is good, but I wasn’t done there, there was more drinking to do! I usually do not think of our 2010 Chambourcin when thinking of summer foods…..I know, pure red wine snobbery here, but I first tend to think of dry reds for winter or warm weather foods.  But, I have got to tell you, our 2010 Chambourcin with a flavorful grilled corn. MWAH!(that’s a kiss people) Superb! Even though I am always telling everyone that my number one rule is to taste outside of your comfort zone, I tend to pick up Vidal Blanc every time and then think…”darn, I wanted to try something else tonight” but it can be hard do go outside of your favorite because life is too short for bad wine(stolen quote, but seemed appropriate) and you don’t want to have anything but the best wine experience every time. Well, as I have told my children more times than I like to think…”Do as I say, not as I do!” In this instance, I have been reminded that giving everything a chance can lead to some pretty darn good things!  Even though dry reds aren’t my usual fave, I can’t wait to try them with different, unexpected foods.   Just what I needed, another reason to drink!

So, try a different wine with your next meal and see what happy sounds your mouth can make! Happy tasting………

Grilled Corn Recipe/Article Here