I am told all of the time…”You are so lucky that you love your job”. And believe me, I am! But one thing that I always add to that is that I am so lucky to have a job that interests me so much.  I am incredibly lucky that I get to come to work and be interested about what I am going to see and learn that day…and believe me, I learn something new every day.  I love when people ask what a typical day at the winery is like.  Here is the answer to that question. There is no such day as “typical”. This morning when I pulled down the lane I was reminded in every way that there is not a “typical” day at Layton’s Chance, and I knew before I turned on my computer that I would be learning a lot today.  Today is a beautiful day – warm, sunny, only a slight chance of rain. While we all love to fantasize about laying by the pool on this kind of day, the real work is only beginning in the life of a farmer.  I was greeted by a wave from Cool Joe on the tractor spraying this morning(I will find out later what he is actually spraying – learning something new!) As I parked the car(next to, what else, a tractor!) I see a refrigerator truck pulled up to the winery and did a quick “yoo hoo”! Now this may not seem exciting to most, but to us at Layton’s this means the delivery of Concord juice to make Joe’s Cool Red! I am also quickly writing this blog because we have our weekly managers meeting today as well, where we discuss policies, procedures, and financials.  There is so much that encompasses our jobs at Layton’s besides serving great wine to our great friends(which is by far my favorite part of the day).  Check out some of the pictures below of one of our “typical” day…


Cool Joe Rides AgainImageImage